Dr. Holly

Welcome to the website of Dr. Hans G. Holly – specialist attorney


Welcome to my website! How can I – as a specialist in labor law – help you?

Not only do I offer a great depth of professional experience and expertise as a labor law attorney, I also have a considerable background in managerial roles. I have dealt with human resources in large businesses – including positions in Hannover, Celle and Nienburg. I have also been able to gather extensive international experience in human resource management, in particular for foreign delegations.

Devising productive solutions to company-internal conflicts with a structured approach is one of my tried-and-tested skills. Mediation is therefore included in my range of services.

I am familiar with the relevant judicial perspectives, not only as a specialist attorney for labor law, but also as an honorary magistrate in the Higher Labor Court in the German Federal State of Lower Saxony, and in the Social Court of Hannover. I am well acquainted with the concerns of not only employers, but also employees and their representatives.

This solid foundation allows me to offer you extensive advice and support based on your priorities and goals – in order to solve your problems concerning labor law or company-internal conflicts.

Your specialist attorney, Dr. Hans G. Holly