Dr. Holly

Covering labor law from A to Z, mediation & personnel management projects

With my range of consulting and support services, I am able to provide valuable assistance to anyone wishing to address an issue – or solve a problem – concerning labor law. My many years of professional experience enable me to understand my clients’ concerns and achieve a consistent and reliable solution in a goal-orientated approach.


Employees are often concerned with questions and problems relating to terms in employment contracts such as contract duration, part-time employment, remuneration, holiday requests, relocation, termination, cancellation agreements, severance payments and employer references.

Entrepreneurs, contractors and employers are not only concerned with the issues above, but must also deal with matters relating to labor management regulations and collective labor agreements. The latter also applies to workers’ representatives such as staff associations or personnel committees.

My range of services covers all issues concerning labor law, from A to Z.

Furthermore, as a mediator I am able to devise viable solutions with you for a broad range of internal conflicts within your company; whether they are between employees, divisions and departments, within project teams, or between the employer and employee representatives. Particularly when positions become entrenched or internal resources are exhausted, mediation offers a successful method for achieving out-of-court conflict solutions.

Further to standard legal advice and support, I am also able to realize personnel management projects and interim management tasks for businesses and workers’ representatives. For example: temporary cover for vacancies, coaching after formation of staff associations, change-over processes such as restructuring, outsourcing, etc.

A reliable network of contacts enables me to carry out a broad range of projects.