Dr. Holly

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance means, first and foremost, keeping up-to-date with the constant developments in the world of business and labor, and the changes in legislation and legal practice these entail. All lawyers are therefore legally obliged to continue their professional training. As a specialist attorney for labor law, I am also obliged to provide evidence on an annual basis to the bar association of having completed mandatory continuing legal education.

In order to be fully up-to-date at all times when advising and supporting my clients, I place great emphasis on continually refreshing my knowledge and skills. I achieve this through memberships with specialized organizations that offer a range of relevant further training. I am a longstanding member of the Labor Law Group of the German Bar Association. I am also affiliated with the German Association of Labor Courts. For work in the area of company pension schemes, I avail of my membership with the Industry Pension Union (IPV) and their further training services to maintain and develop my expertise. (HHo/02.2014)